Baldino's House
Baldino's House Outside2

Located in:Port-Ludo
Island:Desert Island
Owner:Jerome Baldino

Appears in:LBA2

For unknown reasons (maybe the destruction of his first house in Proxim-City), Baldino moved to a house in Port-Ludo. This second house has two stories, and it's equipped with a radio transmitter and a telescope. It also has Baldino's spacecraft in its yard. Just like in his previous house, a sign at the door reads "Jerome Baldino. Miscellaneous Gadgets & Inventions."

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

Twinsen visits Baldino's house several times. The first time, looking for a car part to fix the car. After Twinsen gets the part to Zoé, she tells him that Baldino has forgotten to give him the portable radio, which he comes to get. Twinsen can view through Baldino's telescope to get a view of Emerald Moon. After the invasion of the esmers, Twinsen can visit Baldino's house to get a memory viewer.


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