Item Can of GazoGem

The GazoGem us the main fuel of the vehicles of Zeelich. It is made in the GazoGem Refinery of the Island of the Francos, from gems that are mined by the wannies in the gem mine. The GazoGem is finaly distributed and sold at gazogem stations.

When Twinsen and Baldino crash the spacecraft in Otringal, Baldino sends Twinsen to find a can of gazogem to repair the ship and to upgrade the proto-pack into a super jet-pack. Twinsen first asks at a gas station in the middle city of Otringal, but a franco tells him that there is none left, and sugests him to go to the refinery. Twinsen then goes through the refinery and finds a can of it, which he takes to Baldino.

Item DescriptionEdit

"After you give it to Jerome, this can of gazogem will allow your friend to turn your proto-pack into a super-jetpack."


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