Captain's Log

Since pirate LeBorgne didn't know how to write, he made his cook write his captain's log. The book contains valuable information about the whereabouts of the pirate's treasure.

The book was originally at sale at the Old Burg Bazaar, but it was sold to the rabibunny who works at the Citadel Island library. The book can be found in the library, but there is a Grobo reading it. Still, he can read a few passages from it if he is asked.


Pirate recipesEdit

(an Easter egg)
"As you know, this is a French game, and our respect for the culinary arts prevents us from revealing the ingredients used in pirate recipes."

On LeBorgne's treasureEdit

"To find Captain LeBorgne's treasure, the voyager who arrives at the port of Proxima island must use the closest mooring post as a guide. With his back to the docked boats, he must follow these instructions in DISCREET mode:

6 steps to the North (straight ahead), then 6 steps to the East (to his right), following the gradual slope. 2 steps to the North (straight ahead) until he reaches the metal garbage can, 3 steps to the East (to his right) until he arrives at a light post. He must stand EXACTLY between the 2 lamp posts, and then take 8 steps to the North until he arrives at a gate. Captain LeBorgne's treasure is in the building behind the gate."

Why LeBorgne?Edit

"That was his nickname because he was always chewing an old toothpick. One day, during a typhoon, he sneezed: he found his toothpick, but lost an eye!"

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