Casino Gloum

Casino Gloum is an establishment in Otringal downtown run by Gloums. Its has an entrance fee of 5 zlitos.

Features Edit

All the games require 1 zlito to play, rewarding the player 10 zlitos when winning. Slot machines also give other kinds of rewards.

Duam racing Edit

Four duams (dog-like creatures) compete in a short race.

It's possible to cheat the game by using the Horn of the Blue Triton to place a heart in one track, improving the duam's odds to win. It's also possible to use the Magic Ball to knock down another duam.

Lemuzard gambling Edit

One lemuzard is dropped in the center of a square with four exit holes. It's possible to bet on any of the holes (except one where a sup is already standing).

It's possible to cheat it by using - again - the Horn of The Blue Triton to attract the lemuzard to one of the holes.

Slot machines Edit

Test your luck with these unpredictable, uncheatable machines. Winning can earn you zlitos, hearts, magic points, clover leaves or keys.

Jackpot Edit

Winning a key in a slot machine allows you to enter the closed zlito-styled golden door. Inside, there's Patrick the gloum, a show host who will invite you to spin the wheel to try your luck. Upon doing so (or hitting him), however, another gloum with a big club jumps in, and they both attack Twinsen.

Their strikes do not drain hearts, but if they manage to hit Twinsen 7 times, they'll knock him out. After that, they throw him out of the casino and strip of all his money.

Each of them drops 50 zlitos upon defeat, which, combined, pretty much count as the promised "jackpot". The 2nd one also drops a key that can be used to either take the back door or return to the casino main hall.

Defeating them will also open up an area behind the jackpot room leading to the back door of the casino from under which the stream at the passage to the Otringal upper town runs. Super Jet-Pack is needed to cross the water.

Trivia Edit

  • Casino Gloum have similar design to Rick's Café.
  • Twinsen can use the casino to accumulate a comfortable sum of zlitos for the further adventures on Zeelich, including 100 zlitos for the Captain.
  • The urn before the casino is booby-trapped, this is the only such stash location in the game

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