Cave of the Pearl of Incandescence Outside
Island:Desert Island
Appears in:LBA2

This marine cave is located near Port-Ludo, and it's only accessible by riding Moya. Inside, there is a clam which holds a Pearl of Incandescence, but it's not so easy to get, as there are spikes separating the entrance from the clam.

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

In order to create the Ring of Lightning, Twinsen has to recover the pearl and use it in the cauldron in Bersimon's tent. To get the pearl, Twinsen must ride Moya, and once inside, use the proto-pack to get to the pearl. He'll have to ride Moya back to get to the land again.


  • Twinsen can get to the pearl of incandescence without having the protopack, by using a bug in which the player jumps at te spikes and as soon as he lands he quickly pesses the CTRL to activate the mood screen and thus cancelling the animation that pushes Twinsen back, then jumping again as soon as he releases it.


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