Ferry Ticket Office
Citadel Island Ferry Ticket Office Outside1
Citadel Island Ferry Ticket Office Outside2

Located in:Harbor
Island:Citadel Island
Appears in:LBA, LBA2

This office is where ferry tickets are sold. These tickets are necessary to board the Inter-Islands Ferry.

Little Big AdventureEdit

During FunFrock's regime, a rabibunny is the clerk at this office.

If Twinsen tries to buy a ticket from the clerk at this office, he will call the guards, and a yellow groboclone will appear. Unable to buy a ticket, Twinsen can make an arrangement with the sailor next to the warehouse instead.

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

In LBA2, a male quetch and Mrs. Brune work in this office.

Twinsen can buy tickets for the ferry to go to Desert Island, which is advertised on the poster. They will cost 10 kashes. Twinsen can buy a ticket during the storm, but he can't board the ferry until the storm stops (although, thanks to a glitch, he can do it anyway).

Druing the Esmer invasion, the ticket office is heavily guarded, with two Fish-Bulls and a red skate guard who holds they key to it. However, there's no one and nothing of value inside.


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