Citadel Island Harbor
Citadel Island Harbor1
Citadel Island Harbor2
Island:Citadel Island
Appears in:LBA, LBA2

The harbor of Citadel Island has a ticket office, a house that belongs to Mr. Paul, and a dock for the ferry. The gates are guarded by a yellow Groboclone who initially does not attack Twinsen. Killing him simply leaves behind his key.


Rabbibunny Counter
He attends the counter and sells tickets. When he sees Twinsen he calls a green Groboclone.
In LBA he is not named. A sailor Grobo who looks like him sits outside the warehouse and asks Twinen to stack some crates in a sokoban-like puzzle. As a reward he offers him a Ferry Ticket. He also tells Twinsen that he saw Zoe taking to another island.
Asked about LeBorgne, he tells that the boss of the Old Burg Tavern owns the Captain's Log of LeBorgne
Rabbibunny ticket collector
He is standing next to the ferry and collects tickets. He also tells Twinsen that he saw Zoe taking to another island.
He also claims that he is a descendant of LeBorgne.


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