Citadel Island School

Located in:Lupin-Burg
Island:Citadel Island
Appears in:LBA2

The nursery, or primary school in Lupin-Burg is where the children of Citadel Island go to school. The teacher who works there is very kind, and likes to treat the children by taking them to the flower ring to sing and play games.

There are several children who attend the school. There is a rabbibunny girl and her quetch friend, who love to skip. There is a young grobo boy, who sits in the corner and wants to be space man. There is also a little sphero boy, and a a quetch boy who is the brother of the quetch girl. There is also another quetch boy who skipped school and hangs out at the roof of the pharmacy.

Twinsen can talk to the kids, who in some occasions give him useful hints. Twinsen can also hit the children, but if he does, their older relatives will be waiting outside of the school to take revenge on him. Twinsen can't fight back, and they will take a considerable amount of life from him.


  • The children shown in the animations differ from the ones shown in-game.

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