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Clover leaves are Twinsen's lives. Every time his life points drop to zero, he will lose a clover leaf. If he loses all his clover leaves, he will die, resulting in game over.

In LBA, after losing a life, Twinsen respawns at where he entered the current map. So, spare clover leaves can be used as items to instantly refill HP and MP to avoid losing the progress. In LBA2, this feature was dropped since Twinsen respawns at the last safe-to-stand-on point before his death, making it unnecessary.

Clover leaves are stored in Clover Boxes which limit the maximum lives Twinsen can have at a time. Additional boxes can be found to increase this maximum. In LBA2, picking up a clover leaf with no empty boxes available replenishes life and magic points to maximum, and the next clover after that refills the Horn of the Blue Triton.

Clover leaves aren't randomly dropped from dead enemies, only a few specific ones drop them. Very rarely, they are available as random drops in specific game events. Most can be found in special places like some specific mushrooms. Some of them are given to Twinsen by NPCs as rewards.

In LBA1, clovers are easy to obtain but are just as easy to lose: almost every monster in the game is strong enough to do Twinsen in from full health in less than ten seconds.

Locations table legendEdit

  • Permanent: accessible during a large part of the game (generally, for the whole time on a planet)
  • Temporary: accessible during a short frame in the plot; alternatively, in an area that is technically accessible afterwards but is such a detour that it's impractical[1]
  • One-time: given one-time and doesn't respawn upon revisiting the area; alternatively, located on a map that's impossible to revisit

Difficulty: remoteness/technical

  • Near: at, or almost at a major path - can be collected without spending much time while in the area
  • Far: requires a detour of at least a few minutes of real time to (re)visit while in the same area
  • Remote: requires a trip to another area and/or a very time-consuming sequence to revisit
Technical difficulty
  • Easy: no specific problems, can be used to replenish leaves supply by revisiting the area if not one-time
  • Medium: slight problems without a high risk to lose a life
  • Dangerous: need to avoid high danger to pick - likely to lose lives on an attempt

Clover leaves locationsEdit


Citadel Island, Little Vachold street3PermanentFar/Dangeroussoldier behind sandbags
Principal Island, ruins1x3PermanentNear/DangerousSphero Clones
Principal Island, water tower2PermanentRemote/Easyinside, one of the mushrooms
Principal Island, Peg Leg street1PermanentNear/Mediumruins of a house, only when returning from Water Tower and have a spare clover box
Temple of Bù, first area, NW3TemporaryNear/Mediumin the urns in the passage towards the statue, after the hall with two fire faces and moving blades
Citadel Island, ancestral cave5PermanentFar/Easyrequires Ancestral Key
White Leaf Desert, camp1PermanentFar/MediumE corner of the map, only accessible with Proto-Pack. Watch out for steep slopes and gunfire
White Leaf Desert3TemporaryNear/EasyJoe the Elf after freeing him; he disappears from there after you get the Clear Water
Hamalayi Mountains, Rabibunny Village1PermanentNear/EasyA rabibunny at the SE end of the village. Kill the mutant attacking him; after the factory destruction - just talk to him.
Hamalayi Mountains, Rabibunny Village3TemporaryNear/MediumAn old rabibunny at the E edge of the map. Kill the mutant attacking him before he bites the dust
Hamalayi Mountains, subway station docks3PermanentNear/EasyRaymond the Elf after freeing him. Requires the Blue Card. The primary supply of clovers since then because you pass him many times after that
Hamalayi Mountains, catamaran docking area3PermanentNear/Dangerouson an islet behind a rabibunny rebel, in the southern drum
Tipett Island, outside the club3PermanentNear/DangerousThe hatless Groboclone mugger
Principal Island, water tower3TemporaryRemote/EasyJoe the Elf, emerges from a telepod after you pour Clear Water into the tank
Principal Island, library2One-timeRemote/EasyGiven by the librarian after you pour Clear Water into the water tower
Brundle Island, Teleportation Center yard3TemporaryNear/DangerousA red Globoclone, appears from a telepod if you enter an elevated area behind the front door
Fortress Island, outside the fortress3TemporaryNear/DangerousRight-hand quetch clone guarding the gate
Fortress Island, training swimming pool5TemporaryNear/DangerousOn the slope along the W wall of the E section. Only accessible before draining the pool. Very likely to attract the Flying Groboclones
Fortress Island, prison3One-timeNear/EasyRaymond the Elf, if you let the nurse press the alarm button before dispatching them, then go reclaim your stuff. Upon revisiting the area, the cell block door is locked and impossible to open
Polar Island, construction site, 3rd area5TemporaryNear/DangerousSphero clone near the stones blocking the path



Citadel Island sewers1PermanentNear/MediumOn a solitary tile along the SW wall. Easy to fall into the water if not careful
Citadel Island, ruins1 x ∞PermanentFar/EasyStanding behind the cow, hold X+Forward in Sporty or Normal mode. She'll "milk" another clover each 5 seconds
Citadel Island, Tralü's Cave1One-timeNear/EasyGiven by Raph after killing Tralü
Citadel Island, warehouse1TemporaryNear/EasyIn the three drums behind the sitting worker
Dome of the Slate1PermanentRemote/DangerousIn the NE corner
Desert Island cemetery2One-timeNear/EasyHeal Joe the Elf with the Horn of the Blue Triton
Desert Island, School of Magic1PermanentNear/MediumComplete the Blowgun test in half the time limit (takes lots of skill or a blowgun)
Desert Island race track3PermanentFar/MediumFollow the racer for one lap, without bumping into him or getting too much behind (or ahead)
Desert Island, Cave of the Pearl of Incandescence4PermanentRemote/DangerousOnly accessible from Moya's back
Desert Island, Temple of Bù1PermanentRemote/Mediumthe section before the gates that trigger the roller-coaster video clip
Desert Island, Island across from the Hacienda cave1TemporaryNear/DangerousMain cave, the farthest islet in the lower area. Easier to get on the way out
Desert Island, Temple of Bù lower level1TemporaryNear/MediumThe final area, mushroom on the higher slope to the left of the one with the crate
Desert Island, alien base2TemporaryNear/Easyin the hangar, on top of the highest pile of crates


Otringal, prison1PermanentFar/Easyin the 2nd cell in the left row (obscured by a wall)
Otringal, Fish-Bull training grounds1PermanentFar/Easyin the central kennel
Otringal, port1PermanentNear/Mediumin the farthest barrel beside the ship's hull on a slipway
Island of the Francos, refinery1TemporaryNear/Mediumin the 2nd hall, turn off the geyzer left of the entrance and go into the crawlway behind it
Island of the Francos, refinery1TemporaryNear/Easyin the last hall, in one of the fish-bull shit piles (apparently, sometimes, these hounds shit clovers)
Island of the Wannies, village1PermanentNear/Mediumoutside, in the area a gap across the pond with the frog
Island of the Wannies, village1PermanentNear/Dangerouspassage to the chapel, from the lowest firefly. When entering in running mode, there's a chance it'll be hit by a fireball shortly
Island of the Wannies, mine1PermanentFar/Dangerousmain cave, on the island near the lava falls
Island of the Wannies, mine1PermanentFar/Dangerousfarthest cave, on the staggered cliff in the SW corner
Island of the Mosquibees, test of truth arenaN/ATemporaryNear/Randoma rare random drop from rolling balls
Island of the Mosquibees, cave across the bridge1 x ∞TemporaryNear/EasyAction button on the spider while in Normal mode
Island of the Wannies, Building company1TemporaryNear/Medium(after the Queen's capture) Falls from the guard on top of the stairs at the entrance hall
Island of the Mosquibees, passage to Island CX3TemporaryNear/EasyGreen berry near the beginning of the passage
Island CX, tower entrance hall1TemporaryNear/EasyFalls from the machine-gunner
Otringal, Emperor's Palace1TemporaryNear/Easyin the most SW room (before getting the fragment) or in the 2nd farthest room in the eastern row (after), in fish-bull's shit (eww!)
Dark Monk's Statue1 x3-4One-timeNear/Randomin some mushrooms in cave areas (random, usually about 3 total); falls from FunFrock/FunFrock's clone sometimes. Very rarely, some stashes have 3 or even 5 leaves.
  1. On Zeelich, upper islands except CX and [[Island of the Wannies]] are considered permanently-accessible. The latter - because it's spent quite some time on in two big chunks

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