Item Coffee Pot

The coffee pot is a machine used to make coffee. It belongs to Lanktir.

If Twinsen follows the instructions on the captain's log of the pirate LeBorgne, when completing the last steps, he will end facing the Maritime Museum, and a sphero will appear, who will give him the coffee pot and tell him to return it to its owner, Lanktir, who lives in the house next to the bazaar in Proxim-City. If Twinsen gives Lanktir his cofee pot, he will recieve the list of locations of clover leaves and boxes in return.

Note that the Sphero won't appear if Twinsen has already finished the burglary of the museum.

Inventory DescriptionEdit

"Coffee Pot. You must return it to one Lanktir who lives next to the bazaar on Proxima Island."

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