Dr. FunFrock
Character FunFrock1
Character FunFrock2

Occupation:Evil dictator
Appears in:LBA, LBA2

Dr. FunFrock is the main antagonist of both games. In LBA, he is the dictator of Twinsun and controls the planet using three key elements: cloning, teleportation and mutant breeding. His true goal is to achieve the God-like status by destroying Sendell, the goddess of the planet, and absorb her powers.

After Twinsen defeats him in LBA, the planet is peaceful again, and no longer under the reign of terror, but in LBA2, it is revealed that Twinsen actually killed a clone of FunFrock in the end of the game, and that he escaped to Zeelich. There he made an arrangement with the emperor, and disguised himself as Dark Monk, Zeelich's god, with the plan of destroying Twinsun by collapsing its moon against it. Twinsen defeats him and his plan once again.


There are many speculations regarding what happened to the real Dr. FunFrock. Having made several clones of himself, it is unknown if the real FunFrock was killed by Twinsen at the end of LBA2 or if it was just another clone. There could even be the possibility that the real FunFrock did get killed at the end of LBA and the one in the sequel was just a clone.


  • In LBA2, FunFrock and his clone(s), like all other monsters, can be 1-hit killed with the lightning spell - but only after he casts the cage into the lava (he's invulnerable before that).
  • He is voiced, in English, by Christian Erickson in LBA, and Jerry Di Giacomo in LBA2.