Character Duams

Appears in:LBA2

The duams are little creatures found in the Casino Gloum. Different duams can have different fur color. In Zeelich, they are used for gamling races. It is unknown if theses creatures are native from Zeelich or they were brought from another place.

In the casino, four duams compete against each other in short races. People can bet 1 zlito to any of them before the race, and if that one wins, the game will return 10 zlitos.

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

Twinsen can play the duams' game at the casino to win some zlitos. He can cheat in this game by using the Horn of the Blue Triton: if he places a heart in any track, the duam that collects it will run faster, improving his chance of winning. He can also throw his magic ball at a duam to knock it down, thus improving his own odds of winning.

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