Emperor's Palace
Emperor's Palace

Located in:Upper City
Owner:Emperor of Zeelich

Appears in:LBA2

This huge palace belongs to the Emperor of Zeelich, and it's located in the Higher City of Otringal. Its door is guarded by the Imperial Guard, a set of three hussars that protect the entrance of palace against any threats.

The palace is divided in small rooms, guarded by different kinds of creatures. In order to pass from one room to another, one must defeat the creatures in that room, to get the key to open any other room. At the end of the palace, there is a long hallway, guarded by hussars, and the Fragment of the Sups, guarded by an Imperial Monster.

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

To get the Fragment of the Sups, Twinsen must infiltrate the palace and reach the final hallway. Since the key to the door is held by the Imperial Guard, Twinsen must have the Emperor's Sword to enter the palace. There he must go through every room to reach the last one, in which he must defeat three hussars and the imperial monster.



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