Transport Esmer Shuttle

Esmer shuttles are spacecrafts that the esmers use to move between planets or islands. These shuttles need an itinerary token to take off.

Once Bersimon clears the storm of Citadel Island, Esmers arrive in one of these shuttles. There is another one landed near the harbor of Desert Island. Twinsen is taken to Zeelich in one of these and also returns stealing one from the astroport. He later travels to the Emerald Moon stealing another one from the secret base under Bald Mountain. Finally, he uses the Emperor's shuttle to fly from Island CX to Otringal.


  • Twinsen can take a peek to the interior of the shuttle landed in Citadel Island or the one landed in Desert Island and see sup agents identifying his target, Twinsen, in a picture.

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