The ferry ticket can be bought to use the services of the Inter-Islands Ferry. It can be bought in different ticket offices. In LBA the ferry connects Citadel Island and Principal Island. In LBA2, the ferry has another shape, and connects Citadel Island with White Leaf Desert Island.

Little Big AdventureEdit

Item Ferry Ticket 1
Twinsen can't buy the tickets in the office of Citadel Island, as the seller will recognize him from the wanted posters and call the authorities. To get one, Twinsen has to help the sailor in the harbor solve a puzzle at the warehouse and he will get a ferry ticket as a reward. From then on, he can buy them from the same sailor for 5 kashes. In the office at Principal Island the seller in the office also recognizes him, but insted of calling for the clones, he sells him the ticket at the extorsive price of 30 kashes.

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

Item Ferry Ticket 2
Twinsen can buy the tickets normally at the office of the harbor of Citadel Island and in the one in Port-Ludo, in Desert Island. The price is 10 and 12 kashes respectively. The ferry ticket can later be sold in the Twinsonian souvenir shop at Otringal.

Inventory DecriptionEdit

"This ticket allows you to travel aboard the ferry which links Citadel Island and White Leaf Desert Island."

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