Funky-Town is the undeground settlement of Tipett Island, inhabited by Twinsunians who didn't obey FunFrock's plans to evacuate the northern hemisphere. Even clones visit the town to traffic and listen to music.



He is seen right where Twinsen lands his Hydroglider. He mentions the existence of a Dino-Fly, the only means who can access Fortress Island and Polar Island.
When asked about the Teleportation Center plans, he tells Twinsen to ask the Rabibunny with the glasses.
A Groboclone who has visited the Town without his leaders' knowledge. He sells information.
While Twinsen is looking for the plans to the Teleportation Center, but before opening FunFrock's safe, the Groboclone will tell Twinsen that he can find information in the safe found in FunFrock's Headquarters.
After that, the Groboclone will talk about the weather.
Rabibunny fisherman
He has lost his bracelet and tries to fish it out of the waters. At first he catches a key to Twinsun Café which Twinsen takes.
When asked about the Teleportation Center plans, he tells Twinsen to ask one of the groboclones.
Disco Rabibunny
A Rabibunny with an afro wig, sunglasses and bell-bottoms walks around an elevated stage. He knows the northern hemisphere very well and For 10 Kashes he is willing to reveal FunFrock's plans with the Mutant Factory, the Teleportation Center (Holomap update) and the Cloning Center.
In short he gives hints that Twinsen can jump on mutant crabs that can be found in the sewers; he can enter the Teleportation Center by acting like one of them; and that FunFrock is working on some special clones.

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