Item Gawley's Horn

Gawley's Horn is a magical object left in the secret room of Twinsen's house to the chosen one, by his ancestors.

This horn allows Twinsen to open the seals of Sendell.

In LBA2, Gawley's horn is exhibited in Miss Bloop's Private Museum.

Inventory DesciptionEdit

"For use on the Seals of Sendell. It will allow you to break them open, which will subsequently allow you to access new places."

Locations of the seals of SendellEdit

Also on the busts of FunFrock that aren't on a thick square pedestal (they were put there to cover the undestructible seals):

  • In the center of the park on Citadel Island: Gives acces to a sewer with a grobo statue that gives infinite life candies
  • In Old Burg, Principal Island: Gives acces to a sewer under Emerald Moon street

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