GazoGem Refinery
GazoGem Refinery
Island:Island of the Francos
Appears in:LBA2

The GazoGem refinery, located near the Village of the Francos, is where the Gems that come from the wannie mines are processed to make GazoGem. The building has a big closed area around, and it's closed doors are guarded by laser guards. However the place can be infiltrated by jumping on some pipes that are on the outside, and from there jumping the fence to the inside. The area also has the only access to the harbor of the island, via a guarded passage.

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

When Twinsen is asked by Baldino to get a can of GazoGem to fix his spacecraft, he infiltrates the refinery to find one. After going through several rooms inside the building, Twinsen reaches a fish-bull kennel with a closed door. To open it, he kills a patrolling techician, who drops a key. Twinsen then needs to throw his ball to the key to get it, finally reaching the room in which the can is stored. There are also two secret rooms inside the building that Twinsen can access to get hearts, magic points, and clover leaves.

Some time later, when Twinsen needs to go to the francos' platform, he needs to pass through the refinery grounds again to access the harbor.


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