Hamalayi Harbor

The Hamalayi harbor is a small base in the south coast of the Hamalayi Mountains. The base has a harbor and a building which has a prison and an underground tunnel with a capsule for fast travel, which leads to the Mutant Factory. The shuttle, dating back to the old subway lines, sends material to the other hemisphere.

When Twinsen arrives the Rabibunny Village and is given the mission to sabotage the mutant factory, he is directed through a tunnel to the harbor. The gate to the tunnel is guarded by a red Groboclone which leaves behind a key when killed.

When Twinsen enters the building he frees Raymond the Elf, which is held in one of the cells. Twinsen then uses the subway shuttle to get to the mutant factory.

Twinsen can be kept as a hostage if he gets killed. However a Quetch Nurse lamely opens his cell to ask about his last meal, allowing his escape.


Grobo sailor
This sailor has helped in the construction of the subway lines but stays there waiting for a ferry since 2 years ago
Asked about the Teleportation Center plans, he tells Twinsen that he can find all information in Funky-Town, before it gets destroyed by FunFrock.
Grobo technician
He works on the shuttle. When Twinsen talks to him, he goes to the control panel to open the shuttle door.


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