Harbor of the Francos
Harbor of the Francos
Island:Island of the Francos
Appears in:LBA2

This harbor is located next to the GazoGem refinery in the Island of the Francos, and it's used to get the refined GazoGem to other islands through tankers. It is only accesible by a passage throgh the refinery, which has a complicated device of levers to open its door. To open it, it's necesarry to have a long range weapon to activate the levers. The harbor has a tanker which can take anyone to the Francos' Platform.

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

In order to get to the Francos' Platform, Twinsen needs to take the tanker that is stationed in this harbor. To get to the harbor, Twinsen needs to get the pisto-laser from the dissidents first, to activate the switches on the opposite side of the water.


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