Heir's Room Outside

Located in:Beach Headland
Island:Citadel Island
Appears in:LBA

This ancient room was built in a cave by Twinsen's ancestors. It holds weapons that the heir will eventually need. The cave, has an entrance from the beach, and it also has a secret passage to the cellar of Twinsen's House. The room contains Gawley's Horn, Sendell's Medallion and a sign with the location of the three runic stones.

A plaque in the entrance reads:

"This room contains information and weapons that were amassed for generations to help the Heir who will, one day, be chosen from our descendants. The key to the room was passed down from generation to generation, but our ancestor Hégésippe was the last family member to retain the key. He was attacked and killed by the ruthless pirate LeBorgne during a sea voyage. Nobody knows where Leborgne's treasure, which undoubtedly contains the golden key to the room, is today."

Little Big Adventure 1Edit

After finding out that Twinsen is the heir, the old wiseman tells him about this rooms, which holds that what he needs to defeat FunFrock. Twinsen discovers this cave, learns about the ancestral key, sets himself the task of retrieving it. Eventually Twinsen gets the ancestral key from the Maritime Museum and finds the items meant for the heir. Twinsen can also use Gawley's Horn in a seal to get a clover leaf.

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

It is not mentioned what became of the cave, and the entrance to the cave seems to have disappeared from the beach.


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