The holomap is an interactive 3d model of the planet that shows Twinsen different locations that have been marked. The map can show different planets, as it can be used in Twinsun and in Zeelich. In LBA the map is more basic and can only show the planet from far. In LBA2, the map can also show a close-up of the island Twinsen is currently in.

The map can be accessed using the <H> key or from the inventory.

Inventory DescriptionEdit

LBA: "Holomap (H) key. The Holomap shows your position on the planet. The arrows represent important places that were pointed out to you during your quest. They will disappear once you have completed your task in each of the corresponding places. The Holomap rotates by pressing simultaneously (CTRL) and the arrow keys. By pressing only the arrow keys, you can scroll through text corresponding to the arrows visible on the Holomap."

LBA2: "The Holomap is a 3-D map system. You may use several zoom factors to determine your position on the planet. There are also arrows which can point to the location of tasks to be accomplished, after some characters have given you certain information."

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