Imperial Hotel
Imperial Hotel Outside

Located in:Upper City
Appears in:LBA2

The Imperial Hotel is a very exclusive and luxurious hotel in the upper city of Otringal. Only the people that are staying at the hotel can enter.

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

Twinsen has to go to the Imperial Hotel to look for Johnny Rocket, who is staying there. Since only the clients and their guests can enter the building, Twinsen has to infiltrate from an open window on the back side of the building. Once inside, Twinsen meets Johnny, who takes him to his room to talk about the dissidents in private. He tells him to go see the dissidents at their secret meeting in the basement of the twinsonian souvenir shop, and gives him the ring of the dissidents, which will identify him as one of them.

In the next room to Johnny's there is a group of Sup agents that are spying on him. They surely hear his conversation with Twinsen, which is probably how the know about the meetings at the souvenir shop, and later, raid the place and replace the owner with an informant.


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