Transport Ferry 1

The ferry in LBA

Transport Ferry 2

The ferry in LBA2

The Inter-Islands ferry is the main transport service between the islands of the southern hemisphere of Twinsun. This big boat can carry several people at a time. Tickets are bought in the ferry ticket offices for a small price. During FunFrock's regime, the ferry offers transport between Citadel Island and Principal Island. Afterwards, the boat is changed, along with the service, which is between Citadel Island and Desert Island.

Little Big AdventureEdit

The ferry is the first means of transportation used by Twinsen. In Citadel Island, he can't get them from the ticket office, as the clerk will recognize him and call a clone. To get one, he must talk to a sailor in the harbor, who will offer him one in exchange for helping him with a puzzle. In Principal Island they can be bought in an office in the harbor.

Possible DestinationsEdit

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

Twinsen can buy tickets normally in the ticket offices. There is one in the harbor of Citadel Island that sells them for 10 Kashes, and another in Port-Ludo, which sells them for 12 Kashes.

To board the ferry for the first time, Twinsen has to stop the storm that has come over Citadel Island

Possible DestinationsEdit


  • Originally, the ferry in LBA2 was going to look like the one from LBA. It can be seen in early versions of the game.
  • Twinsen can go to Desert Island without stopping the storm thanks to a glitch.


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