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Jerome Baldino
Character Baldino

Appears in:LBA, LBA2

Jerome Baldino (better known as Baldino) is an eccentric inventor.

In LBA, he lives in a house in Proxima Island. Twinsen meets him and helps him with an invention, the proto-pack, which he then uses to rob a museum.

In LBA2, Baldino lives in a house in Desert Island. and he plays a much bigger part in the story. He travels to Emerald Moon in his spacecraft and uncovers esmers' plot, but gets imprisoned. Twinsen then goes to free him and they go to Zeelich but they crash. Baldino stays repairing his ship while Twinsen, amongst other things, gets gazogem for Baldino, which he uses to repair the ship and develope a modified version of the proto-pack, the super jet-pack. When Twinsen finally gets to FunFrock he releases a cage with all the children from Twinsun to the lava. When Twinsen defeats him and watches the pit of lava, Baldino appears in his ship, having saved the children from falling.

Known Baldino's InventionsEdit


  • He is voiced by Gay Marshall in English
  • The name Jerome Baldino is an anagram of the name of a french journalist and presenter Jérôme Bonaldi


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