Character Unknown

Island:Desert Island
Occupation:Healing Wizard
Appears in:LBA2

Ker'aooc the healer is a wizard that lives in Port-Ludo, Desert Island. Leone, a female sphero who works for him as his housekeeper, tells Twinsen that Ker'aooc can help him cure Dino-Fly, but when Twinsen finally goes to his house, she tells him that her employer is not home. Twinsen later finds out that Ker'aooc has gone with the Esmers, and finally finds out that he was taken prisoner in Zeelich. When Twinsen enters Dark Monk's statue, he finds Ker'aooc along 3 other wizards connected to a machine bulit by FunFrock, that is designed to capture all the magic liberated once Twinsun explodes. Twinsen frees all of them and they use their magic to open a path for Twinsen to go confront FunFrock.

Ker'aooc's identityEdit

It isn't quite clear who of the wizards Ker'aooc is, because he is never seen in Desert Island, and it is never told explicitly. It is known that the quetch wizard is Tabata and the rabibunny wizard is Bersimon, so Ker'aooc is either the grobo wizard or the sphero wizard.

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