Character Unknown

Appears in:LBA (mentioned)

LeBorgne was a vicious pirate who once stormed the seas of the southern hemisphere of Twinsun centuries ago.

LeBorgne's real name is unknown. One of the passages from his diary reveals how he lost his eye: "That was his nickname because he was always chewing an old toothpick. One day, during a typhoon, he sneezed: he found his toothpick, but lost an eye!"

LeBorgne was the one who attacked and killed one of Twinsen's ancestors, Hégésippe, stealing the ancestral key, wich remained in his treasure chest. He was illiterate, therefore he had his cook write his diary for him. He became famous, and eventually became a very known legend, leaving lots of treasure and stories.

Several of his belongings ended up being exhibited at the Maritime Museum, although his captain's log passed through several owners, until a Rabibunny that works at the library acquired it.

Twinsen eventually learns from him through his diary, and steals the key from the chest, which is at the Maritime Museum.


In French, borgne means one-eyed.

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