This is a description of an item from LBA. For actual lists, see Clover Boxes and Clover Leaves.
Item List Clover
The list contains the locations of several clover boxes and clover leaves that are scatter throughout Twinsun.

After giving Lanktir the coffee pot received from a sphero near the Maritime Museum, Twinsen recieves the list as a reward.

Inventory DescriptionEdit

"Locations of several clover leaves and boxes: There is a box for clover leaves in the sewers of Citadel island, and another in the basement of the tavern; one clover leaf is guarded by a soldier who is located behind sandbags. Another is guarded by a clone in the middle of the ruins on Principal island. Another one is on the roof of the Maritime Museum. Another is guarded by a groboclone to the right of the Teleportation Center's entrance. Another is guarded by a soldier in front of FunFrock's fortress."

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