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Welcome to the Little Big Adventure Wiki

Did you know?
Moya means water in arabic

LBA's mobile version by DotEmu has been released!
Check out a review of the game here.
Frederick Raynal has created a new Video Game Company,
Gloomywood, and is working on their first project, 2Dark.

Welcome to the Little Big Adventure WikiEdit

Welcome to the wiki. We’re a collaborative community website about LBA that anyone, including you, can edit. Please join and help this encyclopedia grow! If there is any information or new articles that you want to add, click on contribute and chose to edit a page or create a new one! If you have any advices or opinions on the wiki, please join and comment, so that it can evolve from the feedback.

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How can I help?Edit

Here is a list of the most wanted (most linked to) pages that don't exist and you can help create, and here is a list of article stubs that need more information. You can also tell your friends about it via Facebook, Twitter, or Mail!

Other sources of Info:Edit

  • Twinsuniverse: A new wiki that is basically the Encyclopedia Twinsunica (can't be edited either) but with more 3D looking graphics
  • MagicBall Network: The main LBA related site that hosts a huge and still active community of LBA fans. There you can find lots of info, news, pictures, and projects.
  • Magicball Network's Quote Database: A database of both games' quote by every character.
  • Encyclopedia Twinsunica: The main wiki project about LBA from the MBN community, that was down for a long period of time but was recently re-launched as read-only.
  • Encyclopedia Twinsunica (old version): An old version that still has some good info not used in other sites.
  • LBA Knwoledge Base: A gathering of information made by some of the members of the MBN community made as thread of the MBN forum.
  • French LBA Wiki: A very complete wiki of LBA in French.
  • Holomap: A site containing with complete maps of any location in both games.

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