Item Magic Sabre

The magic saber is a sword that belongs to FunFrock. It is the most quick and powerfull weapon of LBA. The way of using the saber depends on the behaivour of Twinsen.

When Twinsen is looking for the Teleportation Center's plans in FunFrock's headquarters, he finds a clone of FunFrock that flees in a telepod, leaving Twinsen with a red rabibunny clone. After killing the clone, Twinsen can open the safe, with a key that he gets from a grobo that he frees from a cell, but instead of the plans, he finds a note of the arquitect and the magic sabre.

Inventory DescriptionEdit

"Magic Saber, once the Saber is in hand <ENTER key>, <ALT> key to strike. It is the most powerful weapon on this planet. You can use the Magic Ball again by reselecting it."

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