Item Meca-Penguin

Meca-Penguins are little toys shaped like a penguin, that walk for a little while and then explode, inflicting a lot of damage. Twinsen can hold only one Meca-Penguin at a time. In LBA2, there seems to be an upgraded version of them, the Nitro-Meca-Penguins.

In Rebellion Island, Rebel soldiers practice their shooting skills with Meca-Penguins as moving targets.

Meca-Penguins are most useful angainst red clones, as they will chase them and hit them until they both explode together.

There is a room full of Meca-penguins in the Teleportation Center, which can only be opened with the Keypad.

Inventory DescriptionEdit

"Meca-Penguin. Red clones just hate this stupid toy."

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