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  • That's what I'm planning to add next (i.e. it's the next most useful in terms of usefulness/amount):

    • Twinsen's HP/MP
    • Maps - specifically, those with hidden items and large stashes (in places where a player needs to stock on resources), pointing those objects in them. Can we take the maps from Twinsunnica? I couldn't find any info on their license. Maybe, it'll be more effective to just list the locations in relevant articles...
      • Specifically, there are: Meca-Penguins obscured by walls in Temple of Bu and Dissidents' hideout; health stash in Otringal prison; large (5+) K/Z stashes in Citadel island, Temple of Bu, Otringal; booby-trapped stash in Otringal downtown and several in Dark Monk's statue.
    • Game text as it's seen in its resources (conceptually). The idea is to be able to link to any in-game message. There's a good compilation on LBA, didn't find anything on LBA2.
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  • I see that you returned to the wiki after some time ;) I guess Twinsuniverse did not work? MoffRebusMy Talk 06:06, May 13, 2014 (UTC)

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