The mutant factory is a building in the Hamalayi Mountains, where all the insect and crab Mutants are created. It's a powerfull weapon of FunFrock's dictatorship, who use the mutants to eliminate resistance in the northern hemisphere. The facility is supplied through the Hamalayi Harbor.

When Twinsen arrives the Rabibunny Village, one of them tells Twinsen that their village is being harrased by the mutants, and that if he destroys the mutant factory, he will open the door of the sacred carrot for him to access the shore of the northern hemisphere. One of the rabibunnies dig a tunnel to the Hamalayi Harbor, where Twinsen can access the building from where he can take the underground capsule to the mutant factory.

Once inside the factory, Twinsen has to kill the green eggs so that the mutants can't be created anymore. He also has to access a control room in order to open some doors, including the garage, where he can find a Buggie back to the village.


Grobo technician
He repairs a shuttle near the garage where the buggie is found. He has no time to talk to Twinen.


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