Old Burg

Old Burg is one of the biggest cities in LBA. It's citizens don't trust outsiders, and anyone who wants to gain their trust has to kill a clone to prove not being on FunFrock's side. The city is divided in three levels, and it is heavily guarded by clones and supergros. To get to the upper levels, Twinsen needs the help from several citizens who will show him secret passages or distract the guards to let him pass.


First levelEdit

Characters include:

Sphero passerby
After gaining Twinsen's trust, he mentions the Astronomer.
When asked about the Legend, he says that only a library might have something about it.
Two rabbibunnies are seen chatting at the southern corner of the Burg but run away as soon as Twinsen appears. After Twinsen kills a clone, only one Rabbibunny will appear. He will take Twinsen to the other one, who happens to be the Locksmith's cousin (although he is a rabbibunny and the Locksmith is a grobo) and offers his help to break into the Astronomer's house. He brings Twinsen to his home and opens a secret passage which brings Twinsen to the Locksmith.
When asked about LeBorgne, he gives Twinsen a hint that Wadbull sells a bit of everything.

Second levelEdit

Characters include:

Rabbibunny woman
She offers to distract a supergro to allow Twinsen to go to the upper level.
When asked about the Legend she replies that she is not a library.

Third levelEdit


  • The only reference to the Emerald Moon in LBA is a street in Old Burg. By using Gawley's Horn near the FunFrock bust, Twisnen can acces a secret sewer under the street, where a sign reveals its name.

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