Old Burg Tavern
Old Burg Tavern Outside

Located in:Old Burg
Island:Principal Island
Owner:A sphero

Appears in:LBA

The tavern of Old Burg is located at the middle level. The owner of the bar is a sphero and the waiter a rabibunny, while the costumers are mostly sailors.


Grobo sailor
This grobo is a customer. He is one more person who will complain to Twinsen about the awful tap water.
He has never heard abou LeBorgne, and when asks he mentions a joke about a pirate.
Rabbibunny waiter
The waiter will tell Twinsen that he must visit the water tower of the city if he wants to change the water problem.
When asked about the Legend, he tells Twinsen to ask Wadbull about that.
Sphero bartender
He tells Twinsen that the sailor is right, and that the water tower is located at the north mountains (holomap update).
He also can help Twinsen by giving him the tip that the Captain's Log of LeBorgne was on sale at the bazaar next door.


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