Otringal Prison Outside

The prison of Otringal is in the Lower city. It is a big prison with six cells and lots of policemen to guard them.

When Twinsen is taken to Zeelich as a wizard, he runs into Joe the Elf in the Astroport. Joe shouts Twinsen's name and when the guards hear it, they imprison him.

Joe, being in the next cell of Twinsen, appears in his cell to talk to him. When the guards see that there are two prisoners in the same cell, they open the door to relocate them. Twinsen takes this chance, kills the guard and escapes.

In another cell is Joan Loumin, who tells Twinsen to free him. When Twinsen does, he warns him that escaping from the backyard is safer that doing it from the front door as it is guarded by three policemen. Twinsen then goes to the backyard, and destroys a robot, which explodes, destroying the fence, and thus opening a path for Twinsen to escape the prison.


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