Item Laser gun
Item Pisto-Laser Empty

The Pisto-Laser before having the rock crystal

The pisto-laser is a laser gun that shoots green lasers which follow their trajectory in a straigh line until they hit something, making it the gun with most range. To be functional, it needs a piece of rock crystal, found in the Island of the Celebration, and extracted with a pick-ax.

The gun is given to Twinsen by one of the dissidents, in their hide-out. It is necessary to access the harbor of the Island of the Francos, because it's the only weapon that can reach the levers that open the door in the passage that leads to the harbor.

Inventory DescriptionEdit

"You now own a laser-pistol in working condition. It gives you enough firepower to reach distant targets that your magical ball cannot reach."


  • The pistol is sometimes refered to as the pisto-laser of Zarnon. It is unknown what/where/who Zarnon is.

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