Principal Island Port-Belooga
Port-Belooga is a harbor on Principal Island. It is accessible only with the buggie parked in the Principle Island Military Camp. There is a small dock with the fisherman's boat bobbing there. There is also a small house.


Fisherman of Port-Belooga
The Fisherman is a friend of Bob Vortix. After meeting Vortix, Twinsen can talk to the Fisherman for transportation. He will transport Twinses to the White Leaf Desert (after Twinsen reads about the Legend in the Principal Island Library) for 10 kashes.
Asked about LeBorgne, he tells Twinsen that he has read some of his log, and it's for sale at the Old Burg Bazaar.
Sphero passer-by
A sphero walks around the port, waiting for the arrival of a sailor who is going to sell his boat. He disappears when the sailor arrives
Sphero sailor
The sailor comes when Twinsen learns about LeBorgne. Having finished a voyage around the Southern Hemisphere he sells his Catamaran for 200 kashes.
Asked about LeBorgne, he mentions that the Captain's Log of LeBorgne mentions the location of the pirate's treasure.

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