Principal Island Library
The Principal Island Library is open in all hours of the day.

The library has several important books for Twinsen, such as the Book about the Legend in the Censored Publications Department, and the Captain's Log of LeBorgne.

There is also a section for movie projections.


Rabbibunny librarian
He keeps the library. He had bought LeBorgne's diary from Wadbull.
If Twinsen operates the counter, he will gain 15 kashes, however the librarian will sound the alarm and a Quetch Clone will show up.
If Twinsen asks him for the Teleportation Center plans, he will also sound the alarm.
Rabbibunny chief librarian
He is seen walking in the area of the library. His doctor told him to drink only tap water but he has a problem with its taste. He promises that whoever improves its taste, he will grant him the privilege to see the Censored Publications Department. Twinsen helps him by pouring the Bottle of Syrup in the Water Tower.
Much later, Twinsen can pour the Flask of Clear Water in the Tower. Then the librarian will now say that his kidney stones are gone.
Rabbibunny reader
He is found sitting on a table reading. He tells Twinsen that FunFrock's busts that aren't on a thick square pedestal were put there to cover the undestructible Seals of Sendell. This hint refers to the busts at the center of Lupin-Burg and the Old Burg which hide significant bonuses.
Grobo sailor
He is reading LeBorgne's diary but he reads a couple of excerpts to Twinsen if he promises to leave him alone. He tells him the location of the pirate's treasure in Proxima Island (Holomap update).
Grobo Star Wars fan
This Grobo is seen sitting alone in the theatre and speaks with a French accent. He says that he is a huge Star Wars fan and is already reserving a seat for the next sequel.
He wanders among the shelves and often hops in order to reach higher shelves. He tells Twinsen that has found a page with the hint "pull middle lever once and then pull right lever once" which must be an answer to some kind of puzzle. And it indeed is - to the puzzle with three moving platforms near the 2nd statue in the Temple of Bù.
Grobo reader
He sits at a table reading about the Clear Water Lake at Hamalayi Mountains to the NW of the island. He tells Twinsen that the Mountains are the border between the two hemispheres and that the northen one has been cleared out as the climate is unbearable. He expresses his support for FunFrock for that, and that some Rebel Soldiers want to overthrow him.


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