The proto-pack is one of the inventions of Baldino. It is, as he describes it, "a small reactor that harnesses onto your back and allows you to fly about". The development of the device has casued a great explotion which made a big hole in his house.

Little Big AdventureEdit

Item Proto-Pack 1
Twinsen meets Baldino in his house in Proxima Island, and helps him finish the proto-pack by getting him a hair dryer, which has a component that he needs: a rheostat. Baldino, in turn, pays 10 kashes to Twinsen to test his invention.

The proto-pack helps Twinsen go through the Maritime Museum without touching the wooden floor, which has sensors that activate the alarm. That way Twinsen can get the pirate flag and the ancestral key.

Inventory DescriptionEdit

"Proto-Pack. It is controlled with the arrow keys."

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

Item Proto-Pack 2
Baldino tells Twinsen to seek the proto-pack at the baggage claim at Citadel Island. Twinsen can go get the proto-pack himself, or pay 102 kashes to Carlo for getting it for him.

The proto-pack comes handy for getting the pearl of incandescence at a cave in Desert Island, and for accessing the cave in the island across from the Hacienda, to get the protection spell.

Much later, when Twinsen and Baldino crash in Otringal, Baldino sends Twinsen to find a can of GazoGem, which he can use to repair his spacecraft and upgrade the proto-pack to a super jet-pack.


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