Island Proxim-city

Proxim-City is the main city of Proxima Island. The city can be accesed through a small dock, and has two main parts, the west part, with only a couple of buildings, and the east part, more dense and populated.

The main street is Ferry Street with a sewer system underneath.



Hair Dryer seller
This Quetch was first seen in the ticket office of the Principal Island Harbor. Having not good sales he oves to Proxima Island. If Twinsen talks to him, he will give him a Hair Dryer for 30 Kashes.
Lanktir's Sphero friend
A Sphero appears while Twinsen follows the instructions from Captain's Log of LeBorgne. He is a friend of Lanktir and has borrowed a Coffee Pot from him. Seeing that Twinsen knows about the treasure of LeBorgne, he entrusts the Pot to him, asking to return it to Lanktir.
The Sphero won't appear after Twinsen steals from the museum; thus if he has neglected to follow the instructions before the burglary, the List of Locations of Clover Leaves and Boxes becomes unobtainable.
Rabibunny at the roof of the musem
When Twinsen discovers the secret door in the museum, he finds his way to the rooftop. This Rabibunny falls from a superstructure there with a boat on it, mentioning a storm. Whenever Twinsen talks to him, he will give him 4 Clover Leaves.

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