These clones seem to be mostly mechanical except for the face and part of the limbs. There are three types: yellow, green and red.

Yellow ClonesEdit

They are the weakest of all and they shoot three projectiles in different directions at the same time. When hit, they fall on their backs taking some seconds to recover.

Green ClonesEdit

They have medium armor, and can only be damaged having the green magic level. To shoot, they kneel down, and shoot three projectiles in different altitudes at the same time. When hit, they stand up and their heads make a spin, recovering very fast.

Red ClonesEdit

Thery are the strongest and hardest to kill, and they can only be damaged having the red magic level. There are two kinds of red clones, one stops to shoot, and shoots one projectile at a time, and the other shoots while walking and shoots three projectiles at a time. When shot, they recover very fast.


In LBA2, four blue rabibunny clones guard FunFrock in the Dark Monk's Statue in the final confrontation. In terms of power, they are closest to the red clones of the second kind.

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