Raymond the Elf
Character Raymond

Island:Hamalayi Mountains
Appears in:LBA

Raymond is a little elf found imprisoned in a base in the Hamalayi Harbor. FunFrock's forces didn't know what to do with him since officially Elves don't exist.

When freed, he will mark the location of the Clear Water Lake in Twinsen's Holomap, and gives him a hint on freeing Joe the Elf in the White Leaf Desert. He remains outside to the Harbor, next to the hole leading to the Rabibunny Village. Whenever Twinsen passes by him, he can show the Elves Club Blue Card, and Raymond will give him three Clover Leaves.

When Twinsen asks him about the Teleportation Center plans, he says that he doesn't know anything about teleportation.

In FunFrock's Secret Fortress, if the nurse manages to trigger the alarm when Twinsen is escaping, the telepod won't bring a clone, but Raymond from tha Hamalayi. Again, he will stay there and give clover leaves when Twinsen goes reclaims his inventory and the Blue Card. After the Fortress' destruction, he can be found back on the Hamalayi.

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