Rebellion Island Harbor
Island Rebellion port
Island:Rebellion Island
Appears in:LBA

The Harbor of the Rebellion Island is where Twinsen can land with his Catamaran. The port is under constant bombardment by FunFrock's forces, and so all the buildings on it are destroyed. The place is guarded by some rebels, who will not let any non-rebel inside the island. The place has a landing boat and a buggie that can take anyone to the rebel camp.


Rabibunny rebel
He greets Twinsen and tells him to go and talk with Lieutenant Grap.
Sphero rebel
He walk around a Buggie and tells Twinsen to talk with Grap first.
Rabibunny commando
He appears next to the Landing Boat once Twinsen has talked with the Rebel Leader. He gives instructions to Twinsen and then embark for the Okojo Pass in order to reach the Hamalayi Fortress and rescue Colonel Kroptman.

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