Rick's Café
Rick's Cafe

Located in:Harbor

Appears in:LBA2

Rick's Café is a bar in the harbor of Otringal, owned by Rick and guarded by his bodyguards. The place offers a bar attended by a wannie, slot machines, and a live shows that alternates between a rock guitar player and a franco exotic dancer. The bar also has access to Rick's office, that can also be accesed by the backstage. Its walls are decorated with paintings by someone named Gramitte.

After meeting with the Island CX survivor, Twinsen is told to go to this Café to meet Rick.

It's impossible to win the key to Rick's office (or a clover) in a slot machine.[1]


  • The guitar player is a parody of Gene Simmons from the band Kiss.
  • When inspected, it is revealed that the paintings in the café are from a certaing Gramitte which is a parody of the real french artist, Magritte and his paintings.
  • The cafe is possibly named after the "Rick's Café Américain", the setting of the classic film Casablanca.
  • Rick's sign
    The cafe's sign, while appearing to be illegible by being written in an alien language, acually says "Rick's". The "R" is upside down, the "c" is mirrored, the "k" is upside-down, the apostrophe is upside-down, and the "s" is mirrored and rotated 90 degrees.


  1. The author of this edit failed to do so after 3+ hours of automated gambling until the Zlitos saturated at 999. If the developers meant it as a possible course of action, they would definitely make it happen earlier.

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