I do what I want! Edit


Get the syrup in the pharmacy before going to Twinsen's house. Edit

Simply go to the Citadel Island Pharmacy and get the Bottle of Syrup before going to Twinsen's house.

Fanboy Edit


Talk to the Star Wars fanboy. Edit

This grobo can be found sitting in the top left room of the Principal Island Library.

Heavily Armed Edit


Get the magic saber. Edit

The Magic Saber is found in FunFrock's Headquarters in Principal Island.

Victory! Edit


Finish the game. Edit

Just finish the game.

Collector Edit


Unlock all the clover boxes. Edit

Here's a list of where to find them.

Croesus Edit


Have at least 500 Kashes in your wallet. Edit

Easy sources of money are the cash register at the Citadel Island Pharmacy (10 Kashes) or the cash register at the Principal Island Library (25 Kashes). They are replenished every time Twinsen re-enters the room.

Double Vision Edit


Get into the meca-pinguin room. Edit

There is a room full of Meca-penguins in the Teleportation Center, which can only be opened with the Keypad.

FIRE ! Edit


Fire the canon in the museum. Edit

Twinsen can activate the cannon in the Maritime Museum.

In your face Edit


Unlock the 4 videos in which Twinsen gets a slap. Edit

The first video is unlocked only while on Citadel Island for the first time. The second video can get unlocked in Principal Island. The third one can get unlocked by getting caught still on Principal Island after meeting the Astronomer. The fourth video is only unlocked by getting trapped by FunFrock while trying to save Zoé.

Secret breaker Edit


Find the secret passage in the museum. Edit

There is a secret door in the empty wall right next to the painting of a bug in the Maritime Museum.

Seasickness Edit


Unlock the second video of the ferry trip. Edit

This video is unlocked by using the Inter-Islands Ferry after having bought the Catamaran (Or at least after getting Sendell's Medallion and Gawley's Horn).

New record Edit


Finish the game in less than 4h. Edit

Not hard to get, can be easily done by following a walkthrough.

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