Teleportation Center

The teleportation center is one of the main pillars of FunFrock's dictatorship. It is a well guarded building in Brundle Island. The building is used to teleport Clones to different Telepods located throughout Twinsun.

The place is guarded by turrets and clones, and it can only be accessed by few people. But although it's very fortified, it has a weak spot on the left of the building, where a Seal of Sendell is located. Presumably the facility was built over the former location of the Seal in order to cover it.

There is a door inside the center which can only be opened with the Keypad, which leads to a room full of Meca-Penguins.

Twinsen has infiltrate the facilities to disable teleportation in order to access and destroy FunFrock's Secret Fortress. Since only authorised peronnel is allowed in, Twinsen has to show the guard at the gate the pass that belongs to Mies Van Der Rooh, who is the architect that is working on the plans of the telepotation center. Then he has to use Gawley's Horn in the seal of Sendell to enter the building.

Once inside, Twinsen has to enter the telepods room and destroy all the telepods and the computer that controls them.


Rabibunny painter
A rabibunny was hired to paint the sign of Sendell, but since the seal keeps reappearing, he has to re-paint it all the time.


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