Temple Park

Temple Park is a touristic atraction built around the Temple of Bù in LBA2. The entry fee is 7 kashes, and the park counts with a duck shooting game and a rollercoaster built inside the temple. Its guard is a grobo that is always making sure that everyone keeps off the grass.

The duck shooting game that can be played for 4 kashes, the player is given 3 darts to shoot 2 moving ducks and the winner gets the balloons as a prize. If Twinsen plays and wins the game, the balloons will send him through the air, and make him fall through the old entrance of the temple, where he can find lots of kashes.


  • If Twinsen enters through the door without paying the fee, the quetch on the door will alarm the guard, who will chase and fight Twinsen.
  • There is a spot on the side of the park that faces the ocean, in which Twinsen can jump while running, to get into the park without anyone noticing it.
  • There is a spot on the grass from where Twinsen can jump into the area of the old entrance of the temple, so he doesn't need to win the duck game to get through there.


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