Tent of the Weather Wizard
Bersimon's Tent Outside

Located in:Upper Citadel Island
Island:Citadel Island

Appears in:LBA2

This tent, located in upper Citadel Island, is the house of Bersimon, the Weather Wizard. This place is where he makes all his potions and spells. The place also has access to the sewers.

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

To stop the storm, Twinsen must speak to Bersimon so that he can clear it, but in order to do that, Bersimon has to have acces to the lighthouse.

Some time later, Twinsen must come back to the tent to make a ring of lightning. He finds a note there with the instructions to get the Pearl of Incandescence and put it in the cauldron.


  • If Twinsen inspects what looks like an oil lamp on the table, a magical figure in the shape of a female quetch will appear for a few moments


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