Twinsen's Car

Twinsen's car is a little yellow buggy that Twinsen and Zoé own in LBA2.

The car is first found in the garage of Twinsen's House but it can't be used. First, Twinsen needs Zoé to fix it with the Car Part. After that, Zoé brings the car with her to the Desert Island for him to try it out.

Twinsen can drive the car through almost the entire island. It can be used to move around quickly since the island is very large, and the car moves at 1.5 times the Twinsen's running speed. The car is required to get the Garden Balsam. Twinsen can also compete in it against the Racer at the Von Kournil Tour.

The car is equipped with a small gun concealed under its hood that can be fired by pressing ALT. It fires quick bursts of three small projectiles of the same color as Twinsen's current Magic Ball.

Twinsen can lose his car if he leaves it in an area that is only accessible with the car. If he does so, he can get it back from the Racer for 50 Kashes.

There is the Car Save Bug that allows the player to get the car into otherwise unaccesible areas.

Car drive into cemetery bug

Driving the car into the Cemetery area

Due to another bug, the car can be driven into the Cemetery area (but cannot be driven out after that).


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